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Solutions for Automation

The Intelli Factor
For the first time ever in lab automation, Intelli Labs integrates its RFID technology as a standard option into complex automation workflows. Without any user interaction involved, robots and periphery devices are guided now by the sample itselfs. From sample preparation over an analysis run up to data analysis and reporting, the tagged sample finds its way automatically through every step of the pre-programmed SOP’s (Sample Operating Procedures). Forget the hassle with mixed up, wrong or lost samples. Even untrained personnel could easily initiate an error free sample analysis task, by selecting some required sample info from a predefined mask hosted on a Smartphone, Tablet or Touch Panel PC directly at the sample drawing. Automatic transfer of the selected data is done in background to the attached TAG on the sample container. The only 'demanding' task left is, placing such a ready-to-go sample into a free slot on the autosampler tray. Is that easy?

By the way, as a side effect of the delocalized data storage directly at a sample, the programming overhead and therefore the related software costs for a customized solution will decrease dramatically. There is no need anymore for temporary databases inside the automation control software. These are normally required to store positions, preparation steps, method parameters and other sample information. Access to a LIMS could be limited to the sample Log-in process in the beginning and the upload of analysis results at the end of the sample life cycle.
intelliProofed™ Technology
Our intelliProofed RFID technology is available for the integration into analytical equipment from different manufactures. For instance, instruments from Agilent Technology, CTC Analytics, Metrohm, Mettler Toledo and Sartorius are used in real life applications. Furthermore our analyser software solutions, like the Forensic Analyser HADES, directly support RFID out-of-the box. They integrate well with existing line of business applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and more specialized vertical software. We are providing a uniform way to discover, communicate and manage RFID devices on the Microsoft® Windows® platform. This flexibility allows it to work seamlessly and in many cases automatically with minimal modifications required.

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