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hexaStream - Air Sampler

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The hexaStream Air Sampler is a great alternative to other air sampling methods which can be costly and inconvenient. This modular six-channel ambient air sampler provides the environmental scientist and industrial hygienist easy EPA Compendium Method TO-17 (Determination of VOCs in Ambient Air Using Active Sampling onto Sorbent Tubes) sampling, ambient air monitoring, odor compliant source determinations, evaluating hazardous waste sites or fence line monitoring.

The flexible and mobile design allows also the evacuation and/or sampling of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in Exetainer® vials for field operation. Together with our special designed PAL Autosampler Trays a cost effective solution for the monitoring of Greenhouse Gases is now available. Direct coupling to on-line sensor panels or Electronic Noses is possible as a standard option through the common output manifold.

The hexaStream Air Sampler is compact, portable, has precision constant flow control for each of the six [6] channels by a separate Mass Flow Controller (MFC), and has an easily programmable embedded computer. It has six custom sample tube holders with "Quick Fit" connectors that protect the sample tubes. The sample tube holder accepts 6mm diameter tubes and 10mm diameter tubes with 6mm ends. For other types of sample container, adapter are available. The hexa-Stream provides high flow rates and high back pressure for short-term sampling. The flow range is from 5-500ml/min. @ 297 in/H2O vacuum. The integrated 3-way valves and sampling pumps for each channel, provide remarkable accuracy, very stable flow over long periods of sampling, and easy precise flow path setting.

The system is designed for field sampling over long periods of time. An optional mobile rack with battery and power converter is available which will expand the unattended run time to more then one week. Our battery charger, also included in the mobility option, provides less than 8 hours of recharge time, operates the sampler continuously, and has a charging indicator. Status LED's displays low battery condition for the main battery and for the recharging progress.

The hexaStream software provides individual programmable start time, and sampling duration for all six channels. The software enables the user to perform individual sampling, sequential sampling, and parallel sampling for up to 7 days (with booster battery on mobility option). Easily switch each channel between dynamic sampling (with integrated channel pump) or static sampling (pressurized sample line) operation. Continuous sampling of all 6 sampling channels simultaneously at different flow rates and different operation modes is possible. The inert flow path and the thermostated common manifold allows direct sampling to external connected detectors without the use of TD-Tubes.

hexa-Stream Software
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