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Windows™ related fixes

Failed to Connect "Group Policy Client Service" Windows 7 x64
This error pops up everytime during boot or after a login process. In general there are two possibilities for this error and both are related either to a corrupted ntuser.dat file for the logged in user profile or to a corrupted registry entry for the SVCHOST service. Usually, a corrupted registry is caused by Windows updates and upgrades that might mess with the registry. A bad shutdown, startup process or power failure can also cause this issue. If you are already able to login into your account why this error message pops up, there is a big chance that only some registry entries are missing. In this case you should follow Method A. For corrupted user profiles follow Method B.

Method A
There are two places to look in the registry:
  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services this path should contain gpsvc key (a folder), which is responsible for service parameters and configuration.  If you found that the key is intact, you do not change anything here - just check that the key exists.
  2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SVCHOST This is the most important path you should look into, as it must contain the keys and values referred in the key #1.  Below are descriptions what must be present there.
  • There must be Multi-String value called GPSvcGroup. It it is missing, you should create a multi-string value named GPSvcGroup and assign it a value GPSvc.
  • Next, you must create a key (a folder) and name it GPSvcGroup - this key normally should be there, but again, it is missing often too.
  • Then open the newly-created GPSvcGroup folder and create two [2] DWORD values:
- First called AuthenticationCapabilities and you must give it a value of 0x00003020 (or 12320 in decimal)
- Second is called CoInitializeSecurityParam and it must have value of 1.

Once completed all steps above, reboot the computer and the problem will be fixed. If you are unfamiliar with registry settings you can download the gpsvc.reg and SVChost.reg files and/or look at the video walkthrough. This fix was first published by SQL-ER at

Method B
Before getting started, you need to log on to your computer with a working  administrator account. Then follow the solutions below to fix the problem for  your affected account. If you have only one local Administrator account, create another account with administration rights first and login under the newly created account.
  1. Turn off hide hidden files and hide protected operating system folders, open my computer and <Press ALT+T>, click folder options then view.
  2. Click <Show Hidden Files Folders and Drives> and Untick <Hide Protected OS Files>
  3. Open the affected users profile folder under C:\Users\[profilename]
  4. Rename ntuser.dat to ntuser.dat.old
  5. Reboot the computer and login as the user. A new user profile is generated from the default profile.

Video Walkthrough

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